Treasure of your economy

Jinycoin is trying to establish itself into a golden link between the users and a secure ecosystem where through a single coin all concerned operations can be materialized without going elsewhere. Jinycoin is the building block of an ecosystem truly dedicated to users. It comes with the real-world utility.
Jinycoin took Inception as a Vision to become a medium that helps to realize the desired mass adoption of decentralized digital coins to provide more autonomy to masses.


Jinycoin is a versatile and full-fledged platform offering multiple customer friendly services that is not only ground-breaking in many aspects but also allows users to take benefits of affordable services through a single platform. From E-Commerce sale and purchase to granting access of a globally operational MasterCard, the jinycoin platform and coin both give their users complete Independence of using the services seamlessly that too against a very negligible charge.

The Jinycoin platform is powered by the X16R algorithm that makes the jinycoin ecosystem not only faster but also more secure as the multi layered security feature only we improve the User experience with the features integrated within the platform.


At jinycoin the four major features of the platform are:


Allowing small investors and non tech savvy people to make passive income by enabling the pool of different small investors for one Masternode activation.


A Secured method of selling and purchase being seeped in by the Platform where the users will be enabled to make transactions in terms of jinycoin, without sharing their sensitive data with third party services.

Jinycoin Payment Card

Enabling the users to paying for their day to day needs in terms of cryptocurrencies to the retailers accepting the payment method globally.

ATM Services

Facilitating platform users to convert their cryptocurrency in their local fiats with the help of conventional ATM like operations.

Apart from selling and buying by the means of jinycoin users can also make profits through jinycoin platform itself through its virtual master note feature where against the minimum investment in terms of jinycoin they can earn the proportionate reward once the masternode is activated.


We at Jinycoin platform building an ecosystem with our coins as a foundation. Jinycoin is a blockchain backed evolved to make best use of our four different upselling points at the platform. The Jinies help to create demand and liquidity through all four different services supported on the ecosystem.

With Jinycoin you can literally do anything in any of the dimensions offered by us. It allows you to use VMN facility, e-commerce platform, Jinycoin Card and ATM Services. A person can purchase Jinycoin from the exchange and instantly start running a VMN. With the same Jinycoins, he can make the buy and sell options on our e-commerce provision.

The Digital coin offered by Jinycoin can be used interchangeably across the platform for:

E-commerce Payments
Fiat Conversion and Fee
Jinycoin ATM Service
Jinycoin Payment Card
Passive Income
Mining Rewards
Virtual Masternode Staking
VPN Hosting Fee Payment


Maximum Supply:

2 Billion


200 Million

Masternode Collateral:

1 Million

Algorithm Used:


Block Time

2.5 Minute

Block Size:

2.5 MB

Block for 1 Day:


Masternode reward Per Block:


Reward for Miner:


Yearly Return on Investment for Masternode:

More than 200% for 365 Days


In quite some time, Crypto space has experienced a great deal of aggravating activities which debilitated the confidence of the regular users in the cybersecurity measures guaranteed by the cryptography fuelled blockchain space. Practically, the majority of the exchanges running today assist with the security measures like Authentication captcha, Google 2FA Authentication and email passwords however amusingly it was never adequate. In late digital thefts, there were various cases when a 2FA verified record was broken by the cybercrime masters.

We consider this issue as a test. Our team of programming mavericks, is committed to upgrading client security over the entire Jinycoin portal. We do assist with the 2FA security but to additionally fortify the security layers, we harmonized some extra security augmentations like login PIN, IP Whitelist and Wallet Signature facility.


A Login PIN is needed to be created during the registration phase. The users are expected to secure this PIN as it cannot be changed in later stages. In case the user forgets the PIN he/she will lose the entire account and it cannot be recovered later.


It is one of those features which actually strengthen the platform to minimize the potential hacking chances of a user account. In these security settings, people can whitelist one or more IP addresses from where they usually login. In case of access from any unfamiliar IP, the system will block the entry and immediately send a security notification to the user's registered email.


This is a new feature in the history of Cryptocurrency exchanges and we are the pioneers to implement it. You can login using your Jinycoin dashboard and generate the signature in the next step. In the subsequent step, you will be submitting and submit to authenticate your login. This security feature is the same for all four platforms.


We believe in maximum security for our users and that’s why we are relentlessly working to improve the Jinycoin platform. Also, The A+ security is nothing new in the market but in crypto we took this initiative. Currently, we are the only one having A+ Security in crypto space.